Why Store With Us

What We're About

We are a family-owned and operated storage facility that has lived in Augusta for 4 generations. 

Gate 5 Self Storage has the people on board that will treat you like family, know how to answer your questions, and advise you on what you need based on our conversations with you. Having moved and gone through home renovations, we feel we are able to advise you on what moving/storage supplies you might need, as well as the proper storage size. 

Gate 5 Self Storage is award-winning. 

In 2015 Gate 5 Self Storage had the Georgia Self Storage Association’s Facility Manager of the Year. 

In 2019 and 2021 Gate 5 Self Storage was named a finalist as Cyber City’s Best Storage Facility. 

In 2020, Gate 5 Self Storage was selected as one of StorageUnits.com Best Storage facilities in Augusta.

When would I need to store with you?

Gate 5 Self Storage is the perfect place while moving and you realize that your new home isn’t ready yet, you are putting your home up for sale and you want to make your closets look bigger than they actually are. 

Doing a major home renovation project and you are tired of tripping over boxes and clutter, You just got married and she will not let you keep your things, You have just inherited things from a loved one, State Laws dictate that you must keep business records for a period of time or you have seasonal toys (skis, boats, sleds to get out of the way).

Gate 5 Self Storage gets your excess belongings out so you can breathe again and reclaim your home, garage, or business.

What to Expect

Upon contacting Gate 5 Self Storage, we'll ask about when you might need storage. 

We'll ask about how many rooms of furniture. Based on that information, we'll recommend a size. We do this for all customers even if they are set on a certain size, but we still go over this information, because you might need a bigger or smaller unit based on our conversation. 

Following that information, we'll ask if you have started packing if not we bring to your attention that we do have a variety of moving/storage supplies. We then inquire about how you will get your goods to storage because we offer a free move-in truck. We then schedule a time for you to come out to the property.

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